A Virtual Home Tour: My Home Office & Homeschool Room

Home OfficeOver the past few months, I’ve been taking you on a virtual tour of our home. I’ve been a little slow in getting the upstairs done, partly because things have been so busy and partly because we’re still finishing a lot of things upstairs. Today, though, I want to show you around my home office.

Between homeschooling and working more than full time, I spend a lot of time in this office, so it’s important to me that it’s truly a place I love…and I do. Sean helped me make it a place that really reflects me and makes me feel energized and happy, which are definitely good things!

Home Office

I love how  bright the office is, even on overcast days, thanks to all of the windows. I also appreciate having this comfy chair in the corner, mostly because it gives the girls or Sean a place to sit when they want to come hang out with me during the day.

Home Office

On the other side of the room, directly across from my desk, is the wardrobe that contains our toys (on the left side) as well as homeschool supplies and arts & crafts (on the right side). The girls also have their own desk with space above for them to display their artwork.

Here is a closer look at some of my favorite accessories in the room:

Home OfficeJennifer from The Simple Stencil sent me this beautiful vinyl wall lettering for my office with the name of my company — Purple Martin Press, LLC — which we applied to the wall next to my desk. I chose a subtle, soft gray and a pretty script, and it makes me smile every time I look at it!

Home OfficeI first saw these Umbra frames at a little boutique shop several months ago, and I decided to redeem some of my Swagbucks for an Amazon.com gift card and treat myself to the set. The girls especially love to point out their pictures hanging on the wall!

Home OfficeI’ve been coveting these vintage-style keys from Pottery Barn for quite a while, and Sean surprised me with them for our anniversary. I’m not 100% sold on keeping them in the window, but until I come up with something better, it works for me!

Home OfficeThis is my Keurig coffee maker, aka my best friend. Seriously, I love this thing, and it totally deserves its place of honor on my desk!

Home OfficeThese Ikea boxes hold my K-Cups, snacks and extra school supplies. On the right, I keep extra magazines and extra curriculum. There’s just enough room for my work and homeschool binders on top of the smaller boxes, so they’re hidden away but still accessible.

Home OfficeAlthough a chair really should be more comfortable than cute, I’m glad my chair is both! This Brenton Studio chair is from Office Max, and I love that it swivels & rolls. The blanket was my grandmothers, and I love to wrap up in it while I work!

Home OfficeSean painted this a couple of years ago, and although he’s never been very happy with it, it’s always been one of my favorites, so I insisted that we find a place for it in my office. We often add a vase of bright colored flowers to the shelf in front of it, and the contrast is really beautiful.