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I still remember when I first realized I needed glasses. We attended a fairly large church when I was younger, and one day I was sitting in the back with some friends during worship. One of our friends wore glasses, and we were probably joking around or something (ahem…), and I put on his glasses.

Suddenly, the words on the screen were clear! I’d never realized that everything was blurry until that moment (and I’d passed all of my eye tests at well visits until that point). Getting contacts was like discovering a whole new world.

Our oldest daughter recently had the same experience. She inherited Sean and my nearsightedness, and she was given a prescription for glasses last year. The doctor said she only needed to wear them when she would be straining her eyes to see far away, and we had a lot of trouble remembering to take them with us on those occasions. The one time we did take them, we lost them.

She kept asking us to replace them, but we were hesitant to buy another pair when she hadn’t worn the first. However, I finally got around to ordering them a couple of months ago. She immediately put them on and has worn them almost every waking hour since then. She walked around saying, “Everything looks less blurry!” for the first couple of days, and that was enough to convince her to wear them every day. (And is also evidence of how much she’s matured in the last 12 months. Not once have we had to remind her to wear them; she remembers every single day!)

Sean and I buy our contacts from 1-800-Contacts, and we’ve always received great service and fast shipping on our orders.

But did you know that they have a sister site — — for all of your eyeglass and sunglass needs?

We tend to only wear our glasses at night after taking out our contacts, so we’ve never invested in expensive glasses, but if I wore mine every day, I would want a high-quality, brand name pair (because I’m not wearing the ones I have out in public if I can help it!). offers glasses for men and women, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses from brands such as Oakley, Converse, Suncloud, and Ernest Hemingway.

They also offer a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a 1-year warranty on all frames plus an accidental replacement policy that allows you to replace broken frames at 50% of the original purchase price!

Have you ever had an “I once was blind but now I see” experience with contacts or glasses?