AppSocial: The Easy Way to Find Apps for Your Nokia Lumia

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AppSocial from Nokia

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of time these days to go searching for the latest and greatest apps for my phone. In fact, I pretty much only use the apps I already have on my phone unless someone I know mentions another app they love or I go searching for an app to solve a specific problem.

Sometimes that makes me feel like I’m living under a rock when I discover an app that’s apparently the latest and greatest thing that I’ve never heard of!

Because app recommendations from someone we trust are the best kind, Nokia has created the first ever social app store, AppSocial, where you can share your favorite apps with other people and follow their app recommendations as well. Because, well, you shouldn’t take apps from strangers (ha!):

Nokia asked me to create a list of my favorite apps, and I actually had a lot of fun setting aside work time to search through the app store and test apps.

AppSocial from Nokia

I created three lists to start: Educational, Games for the Family, and (of course!) Organize Me.

But the really fun part was not creating my own lists; it was following other users — like the official NokiaUS account or top users like JennyJenJen, VinceBelpiede and Samcswong. Through these users, I discovered lots of fun new apps for those times when we’re waiting somewhere and the phone is a handy distraction for antsy girls — like Tetris Blitz and Drawtopia — as well as apps for managing my time and to-do lists — like Effectual and Track My Life.

AppSocial is a great way to discover the best apps as well as lesser known apps, and it’s easy to download the apps right from other people’s lists!

Download AppSocial today!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nokia; however all opinions are 100% mine.

What types of apps are your favorite — social, organizing, educational, or…?