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Break the Sugar Habit Challenge {Final Check In}

break-the-sugar-challengeToday’s the last day of the Break the Sugar Habit Challenge…are you excited?

To be honest…I haven’t been 100% sugar free this week.

I was telling a friend last night — during my first restaurant meal in a month! — that I’ve never been very good at following the rules just because they’re there, and I tend to avoid “legalistic” things that follow the letter of the law and not the spirit of it. I felt like I’d learned what I set out to learn — how to be more intentional about the food we’re eating, how sugar affects my body, how to resist cravings, etc — and I was tired of avoiding every little thing because of added sugar.

I didn’t completely blow it, as I still avoided desserts and foods with obvious sugar, but we did have takeout pizza one night when I just did not feel like cooking, and we had quesadillas even though I haven’t been able to find a sugar-free tortilla locally. I’ve had a few sandwiches on bread as well. So in that way, I failed this week, but I still feel like the challenge was a success overall.

I was surprised to realize yesterday when I was grocery shopping that the candy treats really didn’t tempt me, and — sure enough — Amy mentioned the same thing in her check-in post today! I highly recommend doing this challenge with a friend…it’s been fun to compare notes each week and realize we’re experiencing a lot of the same things. (Be sure to read all of Amy’s Week 4 Check-In…she’s sharing a yummy alternative to sweet tea.)

One of the effects of the challenge that I’m most excited about is that we’ve eliminated all chocolate, which will make it easier to slowly begin adding in fair-trade, responsibly sourced chocolate, something I’ve wanted to do since I first heard about the child slave labor used for the cocoa harvest in the Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest producer of cocoa.

In the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to trying a recipe or two from Dessert in Jars, which was released this week, and  we’ll continue switching out many of our store-bought pantry staples for homemade versions. But we’re sticking with sugar-free snacks, homemade granola instead of cereal and unsweetened versions of many of our favorite foods.

In the end, I don’t think I lost weight, and whether my moods have stabilized is debatable, but I feel like I’m taking a much healthier approach to food and making better choices…and that was my main goal!

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