Break the Sugar Habit Challenge {Second Week Check In}

break-the-sugar-challengeWe’re two weeks into the Break the Sugar Habit Challenge…how are you doing so far?

If I’m being completely honest, I’m a bit worn out this week! I haven’t dealt with too many sugar cravings, and (surprisingly!) I’m not actually struggling with the sugar itself, but trying to feed my family while avoiding added sugar could easily be a full-time job, and I’m tired of having to think about and plan every single meal and snack!

In fact, yesterday I told Sean I didn’t care what he fed the girls for lunch because I was just too worn out to think about it. We do have some bread in the house because he’s not going 100% sugar free with us, so I expected that he’d make them peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but he ended up serving them scrambled eggs and fruit instead, so it was encouraging that he took that initiative to feed them something on the “safe” list even after I gave him a way out.

I think discovering the sugar in tortillas last week is the straw that threatens to break the camel’s back, honestly. We’ve already eliminated pretty much every “easy” meal, and to have to give up store-bought tortillas too (making them from scratch is on my list to try, but I didn’t want to deal with it yet!) is just a little discouraging. I’m still stewing over it a week later!

On the other hand, I found lunch time to be fairly easy this week while we were out of town. My homemade strawberry fields salad was amazing (if I do say so myself!) on Monday, and thanks to my rocket blender, it was easy enough to make peanut butter & banana smoothies on Wednesday.

I did let the girls have bagels (with all natural, no sweetener jelly) while we were at the hotel, because there were no eggs for breakfast and I felt like they needed something more substantial than just fruit. They also each tried a few nibbles of various friends’ snacks at camp, but they told me what they had and also shared their snacks with their friends, so all-in-all I felt pretty good about the way that went.

Despite my discouragement and the challenges of this week, we’re doing pretty good at sticking to the challenge, and I’m hopeful that adding some of the meal & snack ideas from this week’s list to our meal plan will help as well.

I also love this quote from Amy’s post today: “This challenge really is teaching the girls to be proactive about their food and know what they are eating. If that’s what comes out of this I will be very pleased. The point of this challenge isn’t to deny them, but for them to see there is more to everything than meets the eye.”

I love her perspective (and the lessons her girls are learning along the way), and I couldn’t agree more — that really is the goal!

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