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Building authentic friendships and community

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As we head into March (and, hopefully, warmer weather!), I am so excited about our next Live course theme.

This month we’ll be talking about connection, friendship and community with Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. Crystal recently moved from Kansas to Nashville, Tennessee, where she and her family dove into their new community and began building a strong network of friends right away.

Crystal and I will be sharing our thoughts on topics like…

  • the benefits of friendship and community
  • how to be a friend and build long-lasting friendships
  • community versus individual friendships
  • finding time for friendships when your life is already full
  • the good and the bad of social media for connecting
  • how to cultivate authentic friendships
  • choosing which friendships to invest in
  • knowing when and how to end a friendship
  • how to deal with a friendship that ends suddenly
  • and more

As women, we can focus so much on the things that we have to do that we forget to invest in friendships, but I truly believe that we were built for community and to need those connections.

Want to explore this topic with us more? Join us today!