Question of the Day: Can Your Life Be Busy and Simple?

Can Your Life Be Busy and Simple?
source: blathlean

All this week, we’ve been talking about simplifying family life. Although one of our first topics was simplifying your schedule, I don’t think that being busy is always a bad thing. There are seasons when busy is just fine, as long as every one in your family is on the same page and handling it well.

I know there are times when we are working on projects, doing multiple activities and spending our weekends with family and friends. It feels busy, but in a refreshing, energizing way, not a draining way.

So today I want to know what you think…

Can your life be busy and simple?

Can busyness be sustained over a long period? Or is it something that you can only do in short bursts?

How do you define the difference between “busy” and “too busy”?

How do you keep life from getting too busy?

Looking forward to reading your answers!