Christmas: One Week Away and Counting!

Christmas Countdown To-Do List
Mandi Ehman

Christmas is just one week away, and today is a great day to take a step back from the planning and celebrating and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Start with these questions and make a list of anything that you still need to do or buy:


  • Do you need to purchase any more gifts?
  • Do you need to make any more gifts?
  • Do you have stocking stuffers for everyone in your family?
  • Which gifts are you waiting on through the mail?
    If you have time, you may want to check the tracking information on these packages to make sure they’re still scheduled to be delivered before Christmas.
  • Have you started wrapping?
    A few of you have shared that you love your Christmas Eve tradition of wrapping after the kids go to bed, and there’s absolutely no reason to change that if you do. But if you end up wrapping in the wee hours of Christmas morning each year when you’d rather be sleeping, set aside some time this weekend to get it done ahead of time!
  • Which gifts still need to be mailed?
  • Do you have batteries & extra supplies for any gifts that need them?


  • Are you planning on doing any more Christmas baking?
  • What meals will you be hosting in your home? Have you planned a menu and created a shopping list for those?
    Shop early! Create your grocery list now and shop for your Christmas Day dinner while doing your regular grocery shopping this weekend or early next week rather than getting stuck in the mayhem of the last few days before Christmas.
  • What dishes do you need to prepare to take to someone else’s home?
  • Do you have everything you need (cookies, carrots, milk) to leave a treat for Santa?

Hosting Guests

  • Are your linens clean and ready for any guests you’re expecting?
  • Do you need to buy anything before they arrive?
  • Have you confirmed their travel arrangements?


  • Have you confirmed your own travel arrangements?
  • Have you checked the weather at your destination?
  • Have you made a packing list of everything you need to take with you?
  • Do you have games and activities to keep the kids busy while you travel?


  • Have your Christmas cards been sent?
  • Will you be delivering any gifts or baked goods locally?
  • Do you need to get anything else for your children’s Christmas outfits?
    Remember to think through the little things — tights, socks, hair bows, etc.
  • Do you need any other party attire for yourself?
  • Do you need any hostess gifts for parties you’ll be attending?
  • Do you usually leave an extra tip for your mailman, trash disposal company, etc.? Are those ready?

If you don’t feel ready yet, don’t panic! Just write down everything you need to do, cross off anything that’s not really necessary and then starting chipping away at the rest. There’s still plenty of time left to finish your to-do list and enjoy Christmas!

What’s the biggest thing you have left to do?