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Coming up in 2015 on Life Your Way

Changes at Life Your Way in 2015

2014 brought about a lot of changes for Life Your Way, and it looks like those changes will continue right into 2015!

I had reduced our contributor base fairly significantly in 2013, and by the start of 2014 I had also reduced our number of posts from two to three a day to just one, occasionally two. But we still had contributor posts a couple of times a week about technology or green living, tips for working at home or delicious recipes.

Late last year (that would be 2014…can you believe today is the start of 2015?!), I realized that while we had an amazing group of contributors, having other voices on the blog was making it hard for me to move forward in the way I wanted to.

That led to two big changes: a few weeks ago, I let all of our contributors go—freeing them up to pursue better options as well—and I made some changes to the categories here at Life Your Way.

Oh, I might still blog about green living (I really should update you on our flu-fighting strategies) and technology (I’d love to share my transition from PC to Mac with you, since I was so reluctant to do it for so many years), but my focus at this stage of my life is more on things like organizing and home management, homeschooling and parenting adolescents, personal development and self care, so those are the topics I’ll be writing about more.

I’ll be sharing more from my own life, which means even fewer lists of 23 ways to simplify your life and more stories about the things I’m discovering that work or don’t work for our busy family.

I’ve also pretty much given up on social media. I LOVE having conversations on my personal Facebook account (and you’re invited to join me there!), but I just don’t have the energy or want-to when it comes to posting regularly on the Life Your Way Facecbook page…or Twitter (other than the links I’m saving to Tumblr)…or promoting Life Your Way posts on Pinterest. There are bloggers who have built amazing communities in those places, and every couple of months I start to panic that I’m just not doing enough on social media, but the truth is that writing good content and creating printables and ebooks and courses is just a better use of my strengths, talents and time. So my goal for 2015 is just to let go of the “shoulds” and do what comes naturally without worrying about what I might be missing. (And we are launching an exclusive Facebook group just for Live course attendees that I think is going to be really, really good!).

I’m looking forward to being able to continue partnering with companies I really do love—like King Arthur Flour, Plant Therapy, World Vision and ePantry—while continuing to reduce our dependence on sponsored posts and ads in general.

And after we get through the launch of our brand new Live course (it’s not too late to join us, and it’s going to be amazing!), I have quite a few big plans for the future…a few of which I hope to make a reality in 2015!

I’m excited about this year, and I’m so thankful for each of you—those of you who have been readers from the beginning and have now become friends and those who I’m just getting to know. Thanks so much for reading and sharing Life Your Way!