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source: Rob Pearce

Cyber Monday Shopping Strategies

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Cyber Monday Shopping Strategies
source: Rob Pearce

With Black Friday almost behind us and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it’s a good time to get reorganized and plan your shopping strategy so that you can finish your Christmas shopping early and save money in the process.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to save money online:

1. Search for online coupons.

Online coupon codes are a great way to save money without printing anything or having to leave home. is an easy-to-use site offering thousands of active coupons and deals for all of your favorite stores. This holiday season use coupons for your Christmas shopping to stretch your budget and save money at your favorite stores. For example, shop with coupons from Target or search for your favorite store to find even more coupon codes!

2. Visit deal blogs.

It’s virtually impossible to stay on top of all of the deals offered at every site across the internet, but deal bloggers make that their business. Visit sites like For the Mommas or our own Jungle Deals & Steals, where you’ll find the latest hot deals to help you save time and money!

3. Make a detailed shopping list.

One thing you have to watch out for when reading deal blogs is buying things you don’t really need just because the price is good. While this can sometimes be a good strategy for stocking your gift closet or picking up a special, unplanned treat, most of the time it just eats into your budget unnecessarily.

To help avoid impulse purchases, make a detailed list of what you’re shopping for and for whom so that you can check the list and make substitutions as necessary without wasting money.

What other shopping strategies would you add to this list?

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