Day 11: Declutter Your Wardrobe {Spring Cleaning Made Easy}

Spring Cleaning Made Easy: 31 Mini Tasks to a Clean Home at lifeyourway.netThis month we’re spring cleaning the easy way with our Spring Cleaning Made Easy series! The goal is to get the whole house clean — one mini task at a time — without having to set aside a whole week, or even a whole day, to clean.

Today’s task is actually one of my favorite organizing activities — decluttering your wardrobe! I love getting rid of clothes that I don’t really wear (most of which are hand-me-downs from my mom and sister) and knowing that the clothes that are left are ones I actually like and enjoy wearing.

Day 11: Declutter Your Wardrobe {Spring Cleaning Made Easy} at
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There are two ways you can approach today’s mini-task:

1. Take everything out of your closet and try on each item so you can make a realistic decision about what to keep. If you have some extra time and you want to get your closet decluttered once and for all, this is the way to go.

2. Declutter anything that you know you don’t want to keep and turn the rest of the hangers around backwards. Each time you wear something, put the hanger back in the right direction. After a few months you’ll be able to quickly see what you wear and what is just taking up space.

The funny thing about clothes is the more we have, the more often we feel like we just don’t have anything to wear because we spend so much time sorting through clothes we don’t really like in an effort to find something we do.

Personally, I’m not quite ready to commit to just 33 items of clothing, but I do have a fairly minimalist wardrobe, and there is freedom in knowing that I feel good in all of the clothes in my closet. (Although I’m hoping to pack away a lot of what’s in there in favor of maternity clothes in the coming weeks and months!)

Whether you’re going to try everything on today or simply turn your hangers around for now, there are a few things you can declutter from your wardrobe without a lot of thought:

  • worn out socks or unmentionables
  • clothes you know you don’t like
  • clothes that is several sizes too small or too big

If you need additional space in your closet, you might also pack away these items:

  • off-season clothing
  • clothing that is too small that you are working toward fitting in again
  • clothing for special occasions

Like most areas of decluttering, the more you cull your wardrobe, the better you get at making those decisions quickly, but it really comes down to being willing to get rid of something when it’s uncomfortable, you don’t enjoy wearing it or it’s not your style, even if you feel like you should like it. (Those shoulds are the enemy of decluttering!)

Bonus: Take some time to go through your husband’s wardrobe together today as well.

Track your progress this month with the Spring Cleaning Made Easy checklist, which comes in two versions — one with dates to coincide with the live series and one with generic labels so you can do it on your own at another time. Click here to download or print your copy!

Want to keep going? We’ll finish cleaning out the master and guest bedroom closets tomorrow!

How often do you cull your wardrobe? What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?