Define Milestones {31 Days to Your Goal}

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Yesterday we chose our goal for this month, but today, we’re going to break it down even further. Milestones are an important way to track your progress and avoid being overwhelmed by a big goal, so let’s talk about what you need to get done this week to meet your goal for the month.

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination." | 31 Days to Your Goal at

If your goal is simply to change or create a habit this month, then this exercise will look a little different than if your goal is to complete a project, but it’s important to break it down into milestones either way.

What can you do this week to stay on track for the month? We have a little less than four weeks to go, so keep that in mind as you’re calculating your milestones.

If you’re committing to exercise a certain number of days per week, which days this week will you exercise? Is that realistic for your schedule?

If you’re working on a project, what do you need to get done to be on track? What else could you get done to be ahead?

If you’re focusing on something less tangible, like an attitude or a habit, how can you prepare for this coming week? What challenges do you see?

While you want to keep your goal for the month in mind, let’s break it down further and focus just on this week for now; there will be plenty of time to worry about the rest of the month later on!

How can you break your goal for this month down into further milestones?