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Design-your-own-snowflake cookies for kids {101 Days of Christmas}

Snowflake Cookies

Last week I shared a recipe for royal icing with the promise that I would show you what we used the icing for. This project wasn’t even on my list for this year’s series, but it turned out so cute that I had to share!

Our oldest daughter turned 10 last Friday, and she has been begging to make Frozen snowflake cookies for a month. I really wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I obediently baked the cookies (confession: they came from a package) and made the royal icing before handing them over to her.

She pulled out a page from her notebook with several snowflake designs and immediately began copying them onto her cookies. Such a cute idea!

Snowflake Cookies

After about 8 cookies, she was struggling to come up with more unique designs (no two snowflakes are alike after all!), but she managed to finish enough for her Essentials class before turning over the decorating tubes to her sisters, who had just as much fun designing their cookies.

We ended up sprinkling the cookies with blue sugar crystals (because Frozen), but I loved them in pure white best.

When it comes to Christmas traditions, I’m a fan of simple, and these would be such a fun playdate or snow day activity!

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