Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big {31 Days to Your Goal}

31 Days to Your Goal |

I hope you’ll join me this month for our 31 Days to Your Goal series! Be sure to visit yesterday’s post and get all of your goals out of your head and onto paper.

The most popular goal-setting advice you’ll get from any blog or book is to set realistic goals. Some people define these as SMART goals; I prefer MICRO goals.

This is good advice. Advice I’ve given myself, actually. But the danger with being realistic is sometimes we forget to dream in the process!

I promise we’re going to actually make some progress on your goal this month, but first, let’s talk about dreaming big.

"Shoot for the moon. If you don't get it, you'll still be heading for a star." |

While it’s important to pursue goals in small, attainable chunks, it’s also important to have a vision for where you’re headed and to dream big when setting your goals!

I like to think of goals as the means to an end, kind of like driving directions. They take you from point to point, guiding your turns along the way. But dreams? Dreams are the gas in your car. They’re the fuel that keeps you going even when the kids are screaming, “When are we going to get there?!” from the backseat!

Dreams — or a vision for your future — don’t have to be realistic. And they shouldn’t be small. What do you imagine for your life? Where do you want to be by the end of 2013? How about in 5 or 10 years?

One caveat: When you’re dreaming big, it should be about what you want for your life, not about what someone else has. Comparisons always lead to discontent, so don’t build your dreams based on someone else.

Today, dream big. Take all of the goals from your brain dump yesterday and turn them into a vision you’re excited about.

We’ll worry about being realistic tomorrow!

Is dreaming big easy for you, or is it a struggle? What’s your vision for 2013?