Encouraging Our Children To Live Passionately

source: Martin Talbot

Today I’m over at Zen Family Habits talking about how we can encourage our kids to live passionately. I hope you’ll stop by to read the post and share your own thoughts in the comments!

One of my hopes for my children is that they’ll live a passionate life, not settling for less just because they’re told they should or because the alternative seems too hard. But living passionately isn’t easy because it involves taking risks, putting yourself out there and being confident, even when you fail. I don’t think it’s something that can be taught or learned. Our best hope is to model and encourage it.

Although I’m not an expert in this area (and because my kids are young, I don’t have any proof that any of these methods work, just being honest), but here are the methods we’re using to inspire our girls to live passionate lives:

1. Let Them See Your Passion

A lot of “experts” talk about balance, which I think leaves many people discouraged and unhappy, to be honest. It’s okay for parents to have passions outside of our kids, and beyond being okay, I think it’s important that our kids see us excited and passionate about something other than them, even if it means sometimes they have to wait for our attention or help out around the house more.

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