Evaluating Your Performance as a Home Manager

Performance Review as Home Managers
source: jhritz
I love the term home manager because I think it is a good reminder that the tasks involved with running a home — cleaning, meal planning, shopping, organizing, scheduling, etc. — require effort and commitment.

Jamie from Steady Mom refers to this concept as “professional motherhood” in her book, Steady Days, and Tsh from Simple Mom encourages her readers to think of themselves as the chief operating officers (COOs) of their homes. Tara from Deal Seeking Mom describes her role this way: “CFO, Mediator, Chef, Chauffeur, Fashionista, Cheerleader, Physician, Psychiatrist, aka MOM (of 5).”

Regardless of which term you choose, the idea is to approach your role in your home with the same passion, commitment and professionalism as you would any other job.

One way to do that is through evaluating your performance “on the job.” Have you ever stopped to consider whether you would hire yourself based on your current performance? (I wish I could remember where I first heard this idea. If you read the original post, please feel free to point us to the source in the comments.) If you were on staff as the cleaning lady, the nanny, the chef or the business manager of your home, would you keep yourself around?

If your spouse is responsible for any of those tasks, do not stop to evaluate their job performance. This post is about you; not them!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a work-at-home parent, a working parent, a single parent, a single adult, a couple with no children, a college student, a widower or a senior enjoying your retirement — or which tasks fall under your responsibility and which you delegate — the question remains. How would you evaluate your performance as a home manager?

Here are some questions to start you off:


What are your strengths?

  • What things do you do well?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What comes easily for you?
  • Where have you seen the most improvement over the last year?


What are your weaknesses?

  • What tasks are the hardest for you to complete regularly?
  • What things do you always find yourself wishing you could do better?
  • What things do you know your spouse wishes you would do more? Your children?
  • What skills do you wish you had that you don’t?


How is your attitude on the job?

  • Do you have a good attitude about the chores/activities you dislike?
  • How do you approach the tasks that don’t come easily for you?
  • Are you willing to ask for help to improve?
  • How do you treat the other people in your home?

Time Management

How do you spend your time at home each day?

  • What are your biggest time wasters?
  • What activities take you longer than they should?
  • What do you procrastinate on that you could get done very quickly if you just did it?
  • What activities are you neglecting?

Take some time today to evaluate your performance because later this week we’re going to talk about setting goals for yourself as a home manager.

How do you measure up? Was it easy or hard for you to evaluate your performance?