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Five Tips to Step Up Your Cooking Game As A Mother

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Are you sick of cooking the same lackluster meals repeatedly for your kids? Cooking is something we need to do (or should do) every day, but we often don’t take the time to learn some simple tricks and techniques that will make our day-to-day food taste delicious. By learning some basic concepts and getting some decent equipment in your kitchen, you can quickly go from making instant ramen every day to making delicious and healthy meals for your children that don’t take too long to prepare and are easy on your bank balance.

Do a spice audit.

If you don’t have a spice rack, then the first step is to go buy one and fill it with fresh herbs and spices! Seasoning your food properly is one of the fastest and easiest ways to go from looking like you’ve never stepped foot in a kitchen before, to being a top-notch home chef. Most recipes will call for at least a few basic spices, so if you have them, you’re ready to make some good food. It would also help if you store a book of foods that begin with A and the other alphabet to use as future reference. If you already have a spice rack, but it’s gathering dust, give them all a smell to see if they still have any flavor. If not, it’s time to upgrade. Spices aren’t expensive, and having fresh ones at your disposal will have your food tasting great in no time.

Invest in an excellent non-stick pan.

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Non-stick pans are great for cooking eggs and meat and are designed to keep your ingredients from sticking or burning on the pan. If you find that when you’re cooking eggs, they are sticking to the bottom, it may be that the non-stick is no longer working. This is common for cheaper pans. Make an investment and get yourself a new set of non-stick pans. You’ll be thanking yourself when you don’t have to scrape food off it in the sink every day.

Pick up a mandoline.

For most people, chopping vegetables is one of the most time-consuming and effort-inducing parts of cooking. A mandoline can speed this up in no time at all, although they can look a bit intimidating to use to start with. Make sure to get a glove that will protect you from cuts, or use the plastic device used to push vegetables into it to prevent any accidents.

Stock up on dry foods.

Rice, beans, and legumes are the perfect thing to stock up on. They have an extended expiration date, and when combined with your fresh spices, they can be the basis for a quick and healthy meal even when the fridge looks bare.

Find a great online delivery service.

There are now lots of fantastic services that can deliver either fully cooked and prepared meals such as food panda KFC online order. You can also find companies that will provide just the fresh ingredients for you with recipes attached so that you don’t have to think about buying anything. You can just get straight to the cooking for your family.

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