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Four Simple Ways to Turn Routines into Rituals to Boost Productivity

The following post is from Prerna of The Mom Writes:

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I’m a big fan of routines, as am sure are most of you. After all, our busy lives are streamlined by cleaning routines, school routines, homework routines, work routines, workout routines and more.

However, all the ‘routines’ can actually make life quite boring, predictable and humdrum.

So, what does one do? Give up following routines?

Thankfully, no.

Instead, what you can do is turn routines into lovely rituals using simple cues. So, instead of watching the clock, you know what comes next thanks to a cup of tea or the fragrance from a diffuser.

Here are 4 ways in which I’m turning routines into simple rituals, minus the clock watching but with all the productivity and focus intact:

 1. Starting the Day on a Positive Note

Our morning rituals consist of making the bed as soon as we get up, drinking a tall glass of water infused with lemon to increase alkalinity and boost energy and enjoy some quiet time. Yes, I’m a big fan of increasing my productivity before breakfast.

If your mornings are rushed and hectic, find 3 things that would calm everyone down and make them a part of your ritual. Whether it is reading the newspaper sipping on a cup of tea to rouse you from sleepiness or listening to some soothing music while enjoying the view from your balcony, the idea is to have a ritual that isn’t bound by the clock but which indicates what comes next.

 2. Making Moments Count

Our school routine includes waking up, dressing up and then, dropping off our daughter but we’ve turned it into a ritual with something as simple as snuggling with her in the morning which indicates to her that she has to wake up. A glass of milk and a big, tight hug and kiss is her goodbye ritual. Small moments with a lot of impact on her day and ours.

What moments can you use to create a tender ritual that would add some happiness and warmth to an otherwise rushed day?

 3. Increasing Productivity with Peaceful Add-ons

As work-from-home parents, we enjoy setting up a work routine that energizes and excites us. Adding peace inducing add-ons such as the sound of soft music and the fragrance from wafting from our diffuser is a reminder for us to start working and focus on the tasks at hand.

Maybe for you, your work routine can be turned into a ritual by making a hot cup of coffee for yourself  before getting down to work. It could mean taking a walk after you’ve finished to signal the end of your work day.

You see, it doesn’t have to be big. It just has to have meaning.

4. Clearing Away for a Clean Start Tomorrow

Finally, I’ve started to consider clearing away my desk or my kitchen counters as a ritual that reminds me tomorrow is  a new day, a fresh start, a clean slate. Nice! When I think of it like this, clearing away is no longer a chore or yet another thing to do. It is calming and almost, meditative. Best part, it gets done faster!

How can YOU turn your routines into rituals to boost productivity and yet add calm to your day?

Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in being postively productive, parenting with love and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Find her sharing her journey and experiences with productivity and parenting at The Mom Writes.