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doughmainTeaching children responsibility and personal finance is obviously an important part of our role as parents. But it can  be challenging to figure out how to best do that!

The biggest challenge for our family has simply been ensuring that we have enough cash on hand to give our girls their weekly allowance — and in the right denominations so that it can be divided between tithes, savings and spending. is a suite of family organizer tools that help you organize family schedules and responsibilities, track earnings and offer a catalog of rewards.

Family Calendar

The Family Calendar is completely customizable to let you track and organize the schedules of everyone in your family.

  • Color code events by family member.
  • Import calendars for sports events, school schedules and more.
  • Choose whose events you see.
  • Receive reminders about current and upcoming events.
  • View your schedule on your phone or tablet.

Chores Tracker

With the Chores Tracker, you can assign chores and track their completion:

  • Integrate with the Allowance Tool or Dough Points reward system.
  • Choose from pre-set chores or add your own.
  • Choose from manual or automatic approval of chores.
  • Offer compensation/reward…or not.
  • Give each child their own login password so they can see and check off their chores.

Allowance Tool

The DoughMain Allowance Tool is easy for parents to set up and use:

  • Acts as an online chart/account register.
  • Award allowance in dollars or Dough Points.

Dough Points

DoughMain also offers a custom currency, Dough Points:

  • Accumulate points through allowance, chore completion, gifts, achievements or game play.
  • Create a custom privileges catalog.

The site also offers various tools to make learning about finances fun, like this financial responsibility game. You’ll also find additional learning games and tools at, and

Best of all? It’s all FREE!

Signup at using “dough” as the reference code for a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card!