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Gift Guide: Tech Toys Gift Guide

tech toys gift guidetech toys gift guidetech toys gift guide
tech toys gift guidetech toys gift guidetech toys gift guide
tech toys gift guidetech toys gift guidetech toys gift guide

Looking for a gift for the tech lover in your life? Here are my top picks for this Christmas!

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tech toys gift guide1. I know, I know — this is the third gift guide that has featured the Amazon Kindle, but I love my Kindle with a passion, and I can’t help but share it with you. With a no-glare screen and e-ink Pearl technology, the Kindle makes reading on the go easier, and I don’t think you’ll even miss the smell of paper books!

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, $139

tech toys gift guide2. I love having a DSLR and have been happy with my Sony, but I recently took some photos with my step-dad’s Canon EOS Rebel T1i and I’m pretty sure there’s no going back. Even beginners will get amazing photos with this camera, and with a little practice…well, the sky is the limit.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i, $564

tech toys gift guide3. This is at the top of my husband’s wishlist this Christmas! Roku is a little box that allows you to instantly stream tons of entertainment on your TV. Watch over 100,000 movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand and Hulu Plus or listen to music on Pandora or from your iTunes playlists.

Roku XD Streaming Player, $79.99

tech toys gift guide4. The Windows 7 phones are the new players in the smartphone market, and they may just be the best fit for PC users who prefer the Windows 7 operating system. Of course, only time will really tell, but for someone who’s been looking for a smartphone but resisting the iPhone craze, this may be it!

HTC HD7 Windows 7 Phone, $149.99 w/ service

tech toys gift guide5. It’s amazing to me how much TV you can get for this price nowadays! I bought Sean an old tube-style TV when we were dating for much more than this ten years ago. If you’re looking to save space and energy while getting bright colors and crisp images to rival any display category, LED is a great choice!

LG 26-Inch LED LCD HDTV, $349

tech toys gift guide6. Enjoy the high-quality sound we’ve come to expect from Bose straight from your iPod with this docking station. Just slip your iPod or iPhone in and bring your favorite songs to life. Hear subtleties you may never have noticed from tunes you thought you knew by heart.

Bose SoundDock Series II for iPod, $269

tech toys gift guide7. Get your laptop screen up to eye level with this beautiful wooden laptop stand. The perch design helps your laptop to run cooler and brings the screen closer to eye level while providing a place to store your keyboard, mouse, or whatever.

Wooden Perch Laptop Stand, $40

tech toys gift guide

8. This pretty sleeve can be made-to-order for your favorite portable reader with or without padding. Carry your ereader in style while protecting it from everyday bumps and bruises!

Custom Kindle, iPad, eReader Sleeve, $16.75

tech toys gift guide9. I tried to hold out, but I’ll admit the iPad is finally on my wishlist. With a 9.7-inch screen, the iPad is a cross between a tablet and an iPhone, offering incredible graphics and versatility plus thousands of apps for work, play, productivity and LIFE!

Apple iPad, starting at $499