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Gifts for the person who has everything {101 Days of Christmas}

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World Vision Honor Gifts

It’s always a challenge to buy gifts for the person who “has everything.” Of course these people don’t actually have everything, but whether they’re wealthy or not, they have all that they want or need, which can make it hard to purchase gifts that will be special and not just create clutter.

Photos & Artwork

Since the people in our lives who fall into this category are typically our parents and grandparents, we often choose sentimental gifts — pictures of our kids, handprint & footprint calendars, etc. We’ve done canvases and art calendars; you could do a photo book or photo keychains.

Honor Their Story

Another idea is to find a way to honor their particular story. Maybe it’s framing a newspaper article that was written about them, having their friends and family sign a picture mat around a picture of a special occasion in their life, or giving them a prompt journal to record the story of their life. A couple of years ago we gave my grandmother a memory box with recorded messages from friends and family.

A Gift in Their Name

Finally, if it’s in your budget, consider giving the gift of life to someone else in their honor.

For example, the World Vision Gift Catalog offers animals, school supplies, job training, education and clean water for families in need around the world. Choose a donation hat will truly make a difference and give it in honor of the special people in your life.

When you make a donation in the name of a loved one, you’ll be able to choose a card with a photo, description of your gift and a personalized message to be mailed, emailed or printed at home.

World Vision Gift Catalog

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