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Giveaway: Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector

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To be honest, I’m not a great composter.

I hate throwing food in the trash can, where it will last for years thanks to the nice plastic outer shell of the trash bag, when we can just as easily throw it out in our yard where it will naturally decompose, but I haven’t yet taken the time to figure out exactly how to compost — what ratio of items to use, what shouldn’t be added, etc.

For a long time, our system was simply to save food scraps in a bin in the freezer and then dump it when it got full. Unfortunately, as our freezer has gotten fuller, we haven’t had the space to do that, and for a while we’d even started dumping them back in the trash can.

Then Full Circle sent me the Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector to try, which we keep in the smaller side of our divided sink, and it really has been the perfect solution. We’ve used almost all of the compostable bags they sent us, and I’m planning to purchase more so that we can continue to use the kitchen composter since it has been working so well.

Unlike sealed compost containers, the Fresh Air allows oxygen to easily flow through your organic kitchen waste, allowing for aerobic breakdown. This means that food decomposes more slowly and stays drier during the composting process. The result? Less mess, less odor and no flies.

The Renew Compostable Bags can also “breathe” which allows heat and moisture to escape, reducing bacteria build-up and off-gassing and reducing odor. Strong enough not to tear, but natural enough to break down in a proper composting environment.

By the way, Full Circle has composting information on their site as well, and right now there’s also a free Kindle book available called Composting Inside & Out: The Comprehensive Guide to Reusing Trash, Saving Money and Enjoying the Benefits of Organic Gardening. (You can read Kindle books on your computer, phone or tablet!)

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