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SodaStream Source Starter Kit

Source_LineupThis week I’m sharing four Mother’s Day gift ideas and giveaways. Here’s the second:

This giveaway is now closed! The winner is Angel ([email protected]…)!

Sodastream soda makers aren’t new, but this new sleek designs is!

SodaStream partnered with designer Yves Behar to re-examine every element of the SodaStream soda maker, including the user interface, the design and material selection, the bottle, and the overall consumer experience.  The result is the new “Source,” an elegantly-designed soda maker that combines beauty, functionality and efficiency.  The sleek carbonating bottle locks into place using the new, patent-pending “snap-n-lock” mechanism for easy bottle insertion and removal.  The entire top surface of the soda maker is responsive to touch, and the strength of carbonation is visible through the LED display, providing instant visual feedback.

Sodastream SourceLike all SodaStream models, the Source lets you prepare great-tasting, fresh, fizzy beverages precisely to your taste – with no bottles, cans, electricity…and no clean-up.

Whether you want to make soda as a treat or carbonated water to help you increase your water intake each day, the Source is simple, convenient and powered by a reusable CO2 canister so that there’s less waste all around.

And you can choose from three levels of fizziness to get the carbonation you want every time.

Note: Our family does not use artificial sweeteners because we don’t believe the health risks are worth any potential benefits. {Okay, I may occasionally sneak a Diet Pepsi if we’re out and that’s all that available, but for our kids, never.} Unfortunately, a lot of the SodaStream flavors are made with sucralose, BUT you can find most flavors with regular sugar (they’re marked as “cane sugar” on the front) as well.

You can also add fruit essence, a squeeze of a lemon, a bit of fruit juice or even a splash of apple cider vinegar for flavored water or make your own flavored simple syrup for homemade soda.

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