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Grocery Shop from Home with Amazon’s Prime Pantry

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Amazon Prime Pantry

It’s no secret that I love Amazon: books, curriculum, office & school supplies, baby items, groceries and more make their way to our doorstep every month. Because we live 30 minutes from “town” with five kids, a business and the responsibility of homeschooling said children, Amazon saves us money and sanity by delivering what we need when we need it.

Recently, Amazon announced another great benefit for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime Pantry lets Prime members select single sizes of thousands of everyday products to add to your Pantry box. The box holds up to 45 pounds or four cubic feet of household products (and an indicator shows you how full your box is as you add each item) and ships for just $5.99.

With thousands of products to choose from — including Food & Snacks, Cooking, Beverages, Household, Personal Care, Health & Nutrition, Baby Care and Pet Care — and coupons worth up to 25% off, Prime Pantry offers you the convenience of shopping at home with the money savings of Amazon’s prices.

Using this new feature effectively will definitely take some planning to maximize the benefit (you’d really want to get a full box of groceries to offset the small shipping charge), but with some practice and planning, I think it’s a great way to save money and cut the time you spend grocery shopping.

Prime Pantry

Head here to learn more about Amazon Prime and the Prime Pantry program, and be sure to subscribe to our sister site, Jungle Deals & Steals, where my mom finds the very best Amazon deals every day except Sundays!

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