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source: Mandi Ehman

101 Days of Christmas: Gum Drop Tree


It seems like every time I see candy decorations, someone chimes in worried about bugs, so let me say upfront that this is definitely decor that you throw away each year. But if you live in a cold climate, I don’t think you really need to worry too much about bugs this time of year!

I really love whimsical candy decor at Christmastime, and my mom came up with these gum drop trees that reminded her of the one my grandmother used to have when she was a little girl!


  • styrofoam tree
  • wrapping paper
  • toothpicks
  • gum drops


Cover a styrofoam tree in pretty wrapping paper.

Break your toothpicks in half. Inserting the sharp point of each toothpick into a gum drop and then push it into the styrofoam tree. As you get closer to the top, this will get more difficult because the toothpicks may run into each other and require some finagling.


  • Use green gum drops for most of your tree, adding just a few colored gum drops as ornaments.
  • Use a mix of random gum drops for a colorful, sparkly tree.
  • Make a pattern of strips for a candy cane effect.
  • Add a gummy star to the top.

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