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Halfway Through a Bathroom Remodel with The Home Depot

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A few weeks ago, I told you about my parents’ current bathroom projects as they remodel both of the full bathrooms on the main level of their ’70s rambler. With Home Depot’s Renew and Redo event going on, they’re finding everything they need to completely redo these two bathrooms.

Today, we wanted to give you an update of their progress. They sent me these pictures showing what they’ve done in the last month:

home depot renew and redo event

  • Refinished the bathtub with a refinishing kit (I saw this in person a couple of weeks ago, and it looks amazing!).
  • Refinished the ceramic tile with new waterproof primer.
  • Installed the new light fixture (my mom said this was one of the hardest decisions for her to make).
  • Installed wainscoting around the walls.
  • Installed laminate flooring (to match the rest of their flooring).

home depot renew and redo event

They still have a few things left to finish:

  • Wallpaper the walls (they’re waiting for a special order to come in).
  • Finish the trim on the walls.
  • Install new bathtub fixtures.
  • Install light switch and plug covers.

They’re hoping to get the rest of this project done by the end of the month so they can turn their attention to their tiny master bath (as seen here)!

If you’ve been thinking about updating or remodeling your bathroom, be sure to visit The Home Depot’s Renew & Redo event this month. From now through the end of February, you’ll find great prices on a ton of featured products — from vanities and sinks to lighting and accessories.

Have you remodeled or “renewed” a bathroom in your home? What was the hardest part?

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