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Hard Lotion Bar Solutions for Summer

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A few months ago, I shared our family’s experiences with MadeOn Hard Lotion. Since then, I’ve purchased additional lotion bars, recommended it to friends and given it away as gifts. We really do love it.

For many of you, dry skin may be more of a winter condition. Without the heat running and with the benefit of plenty of humidity in the air, some of you probably don’t have any need to invest in a super-effective lotion.

But MadeOn makes products you need for the summer too. Here are my favorites:

Bug Block

The other day my husband crashed his plane. Fortunately, he doesn’t have his pilot’s license, and he was flying an RC model, not a real plane. But when he came in, all I heard was him muttering about “stupid flies”. Apparently, some of our nasty horse flies were buzzing around his head while he was flying (it’s okay if you want to laugh at that mental picture; I did) and he couldn’t stand it any longer, so he swatted at them…and quickly lost control of his plane.

I mentioned that we had a Bug Block in the bathroom cabinet, so he immediately tried it, and has been hooked ever since. Now, he doesn’t go outside to fly without his Bug Block, and he swears you can see the flies and gnats outside of this invisible sphere of protection.

The Bug Block is not only effective but also safe. It’s made from coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax — just like the Bee Silk hard lotion bar — with added essential oils of citronella, cedarwood, and lavender to repel pests.

For a limited time, get a free copy of the Family Camping Handbook by Katie from Kitchen Stewardship when you purchase a Bug Block bar!

Rash Cream aka Sun Protection in a Pinch

As I mentioned last Friday, our family looks for sunblocks that have been deemed safe by the Environmental Working Group and don’t contain ingredients that could actually be contributing to the cancer crisis. One of those ingredients is zinc oxide, which is often found in commercial diaper rash creams. MadeOn also makes a diaper rash cream that contains coconut oil, zinc oxide and a small amount of beeswax to bind the two together. It comes in a handy tin (of course!) and can be kept in your purse and used as an impromptu sunblock as needed!

Sunburn Relief

If you do get sunburned this summer, MadeOn’s lotion bars are soothing and healing for the skin. After I got too much sun a few weeks ago, I faithfully applied the lotion bar each night after my shower, and it was probably the first time ever that I haven’t peeled mercilessly. Because the beeswax actually coats the skin and seals in the moisture, it’s soothing — again, without chemicals — and stays protected longer.

Hard Lotion for Your Feet

Finally, summertime is sandal and flipflop season, and that can be stressful if you have dry, calloused feet. I really only paint my toenails a few times a year, but even when my nails aren’t painted, I want them to look purty and not all dry and cracked. The Au Chocolat lotion bar not only smells great but also keeps my feet soft and smooth, even though I spend most of my day barefoot and have struggled with dry feet and calluses in the past.

The whole idea of “hard lotion” takes some getting used to, but — as an added benefit — you also don’t have to worry about your lotion leaking all over your bag when you travel, and it’s a great feeling to know that you’re using safe products on your family’s skin.

Have you tried hard lotion?