Honoring the Man They Call Daddy: Creating a Welcoming Home

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honoring the man they call daddy

As we approach Father’s Day, I am be participating with four other bloggers in a series called Honoring the Man They Call Daddy.

The final tip in my post about creating a home that makes your husband rush home each day was to simply ask him what would make your home more welcoming and comfortable to him. Today’s roundup is the perfect illustration of that principle as JessieLeigh, Amy, Tara and Jessica each share their ideas for creating a welcoming home:

8 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for Your Husband

From Tara @ Feels Like Home:

This week’s Honoring the Man They Call Daddy theme is setting the stage. What can we do to make our homes more welcoming and more comfortable for our husbands?

I wasn’t sure where to start, so I asked Joe what that would look like.

“Uh, I dunno,” he answered.

Not satisfied with that answer, I pressed, and he said, “I don’t really need too much. A little pampering, maybe. A foot massage.” Here’s what else he said (plus a few things I added in on his behalf).

1. Greet him with a smile and a smooch when he walks in the door. When I asked Joe what would make our home more welcoming to him, he grinned and said, “Well, if no one was screaming when I opened the door, that would be a good start.”

The last week or two have been that rough, Dear Reader.

Then he said, “It would be nice if everyone could smile at me and say hello.” You know what? That would be nice. I greet strangers with a smile and a kind word, so why not greet my husband that way?

Why not, indeed.

There have been many days when I didn’t greet him at all, let alone greeting him kindly.

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3 Delicious Ways to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

From Jessica at Good (Cheap) Eats:

welcoming home
source: Good (Cheap) Eats

It’s one thing to create a welcoming atmosphere when you’ve invited guests over, but it is quite another thing to do so for our families, for our husbands, those that we see everyday.

I confess that it is all too easy to make extra special efforts for other people, instead of for those that I love the most.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to remember to pull out the stops for my family, too. And especially for my husband.

Since he works fairly long days, often doing strenuous work, my husband comes home hungry and thirsty, and I know that he appreciates little touches that welcome him home.

I’m not Donna Reed, nor does he expect me to be, but little things do count.

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Back Away from Daddy’s Chair

From Amy @ The Finer Things in Life:

Naw. It’s nothing like that, really.  My husband does have a favorite chair, but what makes our home inviting to him has little to do with the arrangement of our furniture and much more to do with the heart.

1.  Slap on a smile.

It’s no fun for my husband to walk through the door after a long day, greeted by my “get these kids outta here” growl as I fly around the messy kitchen in a desperate attempt to throw supper on the table.  Truthfully, the man would prefer to eat cereal for supper five nights a week if that’s what it took to see a smile on my face when he walks in the door.

Our surroundings are not just physical.  What makes the home is the heart. In our home I have the power to set the tone when daddy walks in the door as I choose my own attitude and do my best to control the circumstances.

  • Regular menu planning keeps the last-minute “what’s for dinner” stress at a minimum.
  • Prepping supper early in the day when possible frees me up to deal calmly with whatever comes up in those crazy hours before daddy comes home.
  • Putting forth a small effort to make myself presentable makes me feel more like smiling when he walks through the door.  I know I sure wouldn’t want to come home to me on the grungy days.

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A Welcoming Haven for Your Man

From JessieLeigh @ Parenting Miracles:

Whether your husband works days, nights, or around the clock… whether he spends sixty hours a week toiling outside the home or is a stay-at-home dad… whether he has a home office or leaves work at the door… his home should be a welcoming haven for him.

Now… I could write a preachy post about making sure you have the house scrubbed and tidy and lovely while wearing a fresh blouse and lipstick each day when he comes home.  I imagine that might be helpful… for a few couples out there.  But, not only would I be a total hypocrite to even write that post, it’s also not what my husband expects- or even WANTS- from me.

Know His Priorities

I think this is the most important thing to keep in mind as you set about making your home a place your man wants to be.  What matters most to him?  Does he feel unsettled in an untidy home?  Try to neaten up for him.  Do allergies mean dust can set him off sneezing and miserable?  Keep those bunnies corralled.  Will he overlook a sloppy kitchen if it’s the result of yummy cooking and baking?  Make sure he’s well fed!

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Be sure to tune in next as we talk about ideas for at-home date nights!

How do you create an inviting home for your man?