How do you measure the state of your life?

How do you measure the state of your life?

For me, it can really be measured by two things: how many books I read in a week and when I last organized.

As we ended 2014 and life began to calm down, the number of books I read skyrocketed relative to the previous 6 months, and I tackled my neglected drawers and cabinets with excitement.

I hadn’t realized until then that the lack of time for those two things was affecting me as much as it was, and the relief I felt was almost immediate.

Of course, I’m not saying these are the only signs that things are out of control. There are plenty of other signs as well: snapping at the kids, not getting consistent sleep, gaining weight, eating junk, not wanting to leave the house (although this is fairly normal for me), etc.

But it’s those first two objective measurements that really tell me the most because they’re both things I love and both things that have been a regular part of my life, not just goals I’ve set for myself or aspirations I’m trying to meet.

When I shared this realization on Facebook, I was shocked by the interaction on the post. I expected a few likes from fellow bibliophiles or organizing junkies, but several people shared their litmus tests as well and I realized we all have those things that really tell us how we’re doing.

Stephanie said hers are the cheese to veggie ratio in their diet and how long it takes her to return calls and texts.

My friend Shannon said, in her life, it’s how much time she spends at the gym and how much she spends on eating out.

Like anything, these will be different for everyone, but knowing what they are can help you evaluate things moving forward.

Now I know that when the drawers are bothering me but I can’t find the time or motivation to clean them out…or when I’m barely picking up my Kindle…that it’s a good sign that I need to reevaluate my time and commitments and make plans to pull things back into balance.

What about you? What is your litmus test for how you’re life’s really going?