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How to End Your Posts Well

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How to end posts well
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When it comes to crafting blog posts, you’ll find a lot of information about writing catchy titles and opening with engaging first paragraphs. Indeed, those are vital elements to a successful post, but I’d like to talk about something many people overlook: the end.

While the beginning of your blog post should pull people in, the end of your blog post should keep them around. One of the biggest mistakes a blogger can make is to end a post without another way to engage. This method of engagement is also known as a “Call to Action.”

3 Tips for Ending a Blog Post Effectively

1. Determine beforehand what action you would like your readers to take at the end of your post. What’s your goal? What do you want from them? Do you want them to comment? Share your post? Sign up for your newsletter? Explore other posts?

2. Don’t leave too many options. Asking them to leave a comment, visit your Facebook page, subscribe and explore all at once can be overwhelming. Even if your design and layout offers multiple options, highlight the most important one or two.

3. Don’t make your reader guess what he or she should do next. Don’t just “hope” they will do something. Make the next step clear and natural. And don’t be afraid to be direct (“Sign up for my newsletter!”).

Once you’ve determined what you want your Call to Action to be, create the appropriate environment so it will happen. Here are some ideas…

4 Possible Calls to Action

1. Ask a question so they leave a comment.

2. Link to another related post on your site so they see what other great content you have to offer. (The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin or LinkWithin are good for this.)

3. Include a signup form so they subscribe to your newsletter or feed.

4. Insert social media buttons so they share the post with their friends.

What about you? How do you end your posts?

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