How to Froth Milk Without Any Special Equipment

How to Froth Milk on the Stove at

My next post in our Quick Tips from a Minimalist Kitchen is up at Easy Homemade, and this time I’m sharing my secret for perfectly frothed milk without any special equipment PLUS the recipe for my very favorite cinnamon latte:

I pretty much consider coffee to be one of life’s greatest simple pleasures, and over the past year, that’s evolved from a love of coffee in general to a love of lattes in particular.

My husband surprised me with an inexpensive latte maker last year, and while it makes a tasty espresso, the milk steamer/frother is just meh. (And I actually just replaced the latte maker with a more versatile gadget, but more on that another day!)

For a while I tried just adding cold milk to my espresso, but lukewarm lattes aren’t quite as tasty as their hot counterparts, and I began looking into alternatives for steaming and frothing my milk.

Read more and get the recipe…