How to Stay Productive and Positive During Winter

The following post is from Prerna of The Mom Writes:

source: D.Sharon Pruitt

They don’t call ‘em the “winter blues” for no reason. As winter approaches, the days get shorter and the cool, dark evenings  invite you to just snuggle in front of the television or in the quilt, chances are your productivity may take a real beating.

Yeah, I know.  Trust me!

Here are some tips to help you get a headstart on winter this year and make sure you stay as productive as you are during the summer months:

Use an Organizer

If you’ve never used an organizer or planner of some sort, now is the chance. Get a planner that is best suited for your needs and lifestyle, and then…use it.

Make sure it has enough space for you to write down appointments for everyone in the family, is handy enough to be slipped into your tote or hand bag and looks smart. You don’t want to pull out a grungy looking notebook in public, do you?

Use the Weekends to Catch Up on Chores

Whether you work at home, full time or not at all, chances are you wouldn’t be getting as much done during the week as you’d like to. So, schedule time for chores and errands during the weekend. It will give you something to do other than just laze around the house.

Say “No”

This one is true for any season of the year. Make your No-Do List. Learn to turn down endless and often meaningless requests for your time and energy. Pay attention to your priorities for the day or week and say no to the rest.

Focus and Focus Hard

Being mindful and uni-tasking works wonders for your productivity. You would be able to do SO much more in an hour if you didn’t toggle between Twitter and that ebook you’re trying to write. 

Try to eliminate distractions and put all your energy into finishing the task at hand:

  • Divide work sessions into manageable chunks, say 20 minutes followed by a 5-minute break.
  • Shut down all open windows on your laptop or install software that blocks certain sites during work sessions.
  • Close the door to your office or, if you don’t have a door or an office — like yours truly — schedule intensive work for times when the kids are down for a nap or away at preschool.
  • Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to finish all your work during the 2-hour nap that your toddler takes. So, say, “Let me finish this and get back to you.” This is for all work-at-home parents who may constantly be interrupted by a spouse or the kids.

Eat Foods That Release Energy Slowly

While the cold winter months tempt you to gorge on rich, heavy food and sugar-laden pies and cakes, remember that doing so would only make you feel sluggish and sleepy later. Instead, fill yourself up with healthy, energy-filled nuts, fruits, raw veggies and soups. Keep a jar of trail mix handy while you work so that you can dip in, munch and sustain your energy levels.

How do you stay productive during the cooler months? Does winter affect your productivity?

Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in being postively productive, parenting with love and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Find her sharing her journey and experiences with productivity and parenting at The Mom Writes.