How to Wear Bow Blouses

This is a trend I did not latch onto quickly. In fact, I still am reluctant to commit, although I’m getting there.

I remember when my mom wore bow blouses back in the late 70’s. When I first started seeing them pop up again a couple years ago, I said NO WAY JOSE! They conjured up horrible memories of curly perms gone bad.

But I’m coming around to the new, updated bow blouses.¬†Nowadays they are usually made in soft, flowy fabrics, and you can tie them prim and proper high at the neck or loose and casual against the chest.

My mom always wore bow blouses with her business suits, but there are more modern ways to wear this trend.

Of course you can always wear a bow blouse with a pencil skirt for a classic look.


bow blouse and pencil skirt by jolynneshane


But even better, pair it with a pair of amazing jeans. Try something like this!


Modern Bow Blouse with Jeans by jolynneshane


Or for a super trendy look, try it with a pair of shorts!


bow blouse with shorts by jolynneshane


How do you feel about the bow blouse trend? Are you on board for this one? How do you wear your bow blouses??

Jo-Lynne is a Christ follower, mom blogger, barefoot runner, style watcher, reluctant chauffeur, amateur photographer and aspiring locavore. She writes the award-winning lifestyle blog, Musings of a Housewife, and facilitates the social networking group, Philly Social Media Moms.