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How Your Home Can Influence Your Creativity

We rarely give our homes the credit they deserve in helping us upkeep, or sometimes even denigrate, our mental health. It’s a pretty simple thought experiment to run. Fail to clean your home at all for a month, and leave out your dishes or laundry for a fortnight. Keep your curtains drawn, and your windows closed. You’ll quickly feel less like yourself when occupying this space in your free time. In fact, you’ll feel tired, less free and open as you might have, and as if your home is not really your own.

Our homes tell many stories to us throughout the day. For example, a pile of unopened bills remind us of the actions we have not taken for some time, and this can often be a point of contention. We might not wish to look in the draws of our dressing table because they are filled with random possessions we have yet to sort through. 

Your home influences your creativity in many disparate ways, and so it is essential to understand how its renovation could have massive potential benefits to your daily living – especially when living the creative lifestyle. On top of this, as parents we can often feel the residue of stress getting the better of us. As creativity can be an essential outlet, it’s important we make the right strides towards self-care. Let us explore this further below:

How Your Environment Speaks To You

What you surround yourself with often speaks to you. For example, consider someone hoping to paint their magnum opus. They would be better accompanied by painting in a room with natural light, of organizing their paint materials, of having the room oriented in such a way as that which makes sense to them, of having space for creative expression, perhaps even decorated with items that remind them of their creative intent. For example, consider a 20th century globe ornament, full size. It might just be seen as a decoration, but to the artist it can mean discovery, exploration, the excitement of cartography. The architecture, decor, and design of the rooms of your house can mean more than just practicality, but inspiration itself.

Home Can Influence Your Creativity
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Perhaps you wish to spend more time ruminating on the beauty of your family. WIth large-sized prints of your children, your brush may be guided with more fervor and love than you had imagined. Maybe you wish to paint a mural to your family, or even paint something to keep for your child until they are old enough to appreciate it. Surrounding yourself with this imagery can remind you of what is most important in life.

Your Own Escape

It can be very important to have a space that feels as though the sands of time cannot touch it. This is a place where we can be ourselves and express ourselves correctly, be that through painting, writing, or musical performance and production. As parents and mothers, it can often be that we neglect ourselves and only define who we are by the parental tasks carried out that day. And yet we never wish to be the sort of parent who continually leaves their children with a babysitter three times a week just so we can get out of the house and ‘away’ from our children. 

 It could be that finding a structural design through services that build a house suited to many high-spec clients on the regular can help you design this place of wonder, to let your true creative insight reign supreme. There’s nothing wrong with having a zen place to meditatively practice your hobbies within your home, especially after the kids are asleep.


Privacy is essential to creativity. Being able to practice and mess up, or having the chance to work through ideas that might not otherwise play out is an important part of the creative journey. This means that having a space dedicated to privacy, be that through physical security or the simple cutting off of sight lines despite high natural light can be very worthwhile to manage and consider. 

You’ll notice a difference if you make this an additional priority. Furthermore, it can be nice to have a space where you can explore yourself without having to worry about your children being exposed to it. For example, you might wish to paint a naked form of yourself, something that your five year old might find absolutely hilarious. Perhaps you simply want to keep them away from expensive equipment for now, out of financial sense rather than dismissing your child outright. Whatever works for you is valid.

With this advice, we hope your home can thoroughly influence your creativity as you hope it will.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels