If You Ask Your Mom for a Glass of Milk…

The following post is from Katie of Kitchen Stewardship:

If You Ask Your Mom for a Glass of Milk...at lifeyourway.net
source: Katie Kimball

If you ask your mom for a glass of milk, she’ll have to go into the kitchen to get it.

When Mom goes into the kitchen, she might notice that there are dirty dishes in the sink.

She’ll feel compelled to put them in the dishwasher.

While she has the dishwasher open, she’ll notice the measuring cups she used the night before, which will remind her that she needs to freeze the muffins before everyone eats them.

While she’s putting the muffins in the freezer, Mom will start thinking about dinner and realize she needs to thaw some meat. She’ll grab the meat, which is hard to find, which inspires her to clean out the freezer and inventory the whole thing.

In the process of clearing out the freezer, Mom will find some shredded zucchini from 2 years ago, which will disgust her for her lack of organization, and she’ll commit to using that old zucchini immediately.

Mom will load everything back into the freezer – the lists can wait! Zucchini is calling her name. She’ll rush to her cookbooks and pull out twelve, searching for the most perfect zucchini recipe.

She finds it but is missing seventeen ingredients. Mom goes off to the store and comes back with a new pair of socks.

While she’s cutting the tag off the socks, she notices the kitchen counter could use a good wipedown. She grabs the washcloth and sees the jug of milk sitting next to the sink.”Who left the milk out?!?”, Mom yells. Holding a jug of milk, a new pair of socks, and a bag of mostly thawed zucchini, Mom realizes that she is no better than a mouse, and she still doesn’t know what’s for dinner.

Mom will run away to Australia in despair.

And you still need a glass of milk.

Well, darling…you should have gotten it yourself in the first place.

Forget giving that mouse a cookie…who relates to this?

Katie Kimball has been “green” since 5th grade when she read 50 Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. She remains slightly disappointed that she didn’t actually save the whole thing back then, but now that she has 3 kiddos counting on her, she keeps plugging away hopefully. Katie blogs at Kitchen Stewardship about real food and natural living and is the author of Healthy Snacks to Go and other eBooks, available for Kindle.