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Make the Most of Bad Cut Style for Your Hair

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Everyone has had an experience where they go to the salon excited to try a fresh style but leave near tears at the result of a bad cut. It is awful if you were hoping for only a trim and the hairdresser took matters into their own hands, chopping the locks into a short new do. Learn ways to cope with a haircut that is too short.

While it might seem like the ideal time to panic, it is always better to look for more effective ways to handle the situation, and there are things you can do even in the bleakest situations. 

It will not be possible to wear hats all the time until the hair grows back, though that is a stylish solution on some occasions to take the focus off the cropped locks. You might find there are some fun and flirty styles you can wear once you get over the initial shock and learn to work with what you have gotten. 

Once you take the time to wash short hair and mimic varied looks you find online, you might find you don’t mind the look so much. You could even keep your strands shorter when all is said and done. Let us check out a few ways to make the best of a bad haircut.

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What Are Some Ways to Make the Most of a Bad Haircut?

Everyone will invariably suffer from a bad haircut at some point. Whether the hairdresser gets overly zealous with the scissors, perhaps you decided on the spot to try a dramatic fresh look, or maybe there was simply a miscommunication between stylists and customers. 

Often one of these incidents will have you leaving the shop in shock, maybe even in tears. Sadly, there is no magic spell capable of reversing the chop, and panic can result in a worse situation. 

It is vital to remain calm to avoid the possibility of making rash decisions and attempt to work with what you have before you. See here for guidance on working with short hair. Let us look at a few tips on how you can take an unpleasant situation and attempt to make the most of it.

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Patience is a virtue

There is no soul who wants to wait out the time it takes for the new do to get to a point where you can make the necessary corrections without making the hair shorter or doing more damage. 

Most people want something done immediately. Unfortunately, patience is the call of the day when a cut is less than desirable. The thing to consider is that the hair will start to relax, grow just a bit and fall into its place with the cut after a week or so. 

You might find that you start to like what is happening. While sometimes, if you wait roughly a week, maybe a little longer, and work with what you have, your hair will have grown slightly and start to fall in place with the new cut. 

Often the initial shock can be a bit much to bear and takes some time to wear off. That is not saying there are not ever bad cuts because there are. But give it a fair week or so to see if you might start to find it appealing. You might be surprised.

Have you shampooed and created your own style?

The hairdresser will try to capture the image you describe when styling your new cut, but it is challenging to establish what precisely someone thinks unless you can read minds. That generally means you will leave with the stylist’s interpretation of your style, often not close to how you fix your hair on your own. 

That alone can leave a bad impression of the overall haircut simply because of the way it has been styled. Before you give a review, it is essential to take the opportunity to shampoo the hair and style the new cut in a way that works for you and your features. 

You are the only one who can determine how your hair is supposed to look. When someone else blows it out poorly or styles it in a way that is not natural for you, it can leave a lousy impression until you take the time to start over washing and creating a style that works for you. However, if you do this and still dislike your hair, it is wise to reach out to the stylist for guidance on what to do with a cut with which you are unhappy.

Switch the part 

Switching the part on your hair can greatly forgive many poor mistakes with the haircut. If you tend to go with a severe side part, the suggestion is to change to a center part or vice versa. The placement of a part can disguise poorly done layers, hide too short bangs or transform the cut shape completely.

The idea is to do what is necessary to avoid having any more hair cut off to make corrections; instead, use techniques that hide the mistakes until the hair grows a bit, and you can get to a professional to have adequate measures taken.

Use Hair Extensions

You don’t have to live with a bad haircut forever! Hair extensions are an excellent way to hide a bad cut while growing it out. There are several ways to do it,  but the right type and length will depend on factors such as your hair’s length and how much time you have to style your hair. Most experts recommend clip-in extensions as a simple, hassle-free solution. 

If you only need minor adjustments, you can take the DIY route to install clip-in extensions or tape in hair extensions. For a major fix, however, it may be a good idea to visit a salon for a professional hair extension installation. But how do you choose the right extensions? And what kind of extension should you buy?

The best option for you will also depend on your budget. Synthetic extensions are more affordable and may suit you well if you’re just seeking a quick fix until your hair grows out. If you’re looking for a set you can use for an extended period and style with heat tools, we recommend human hair extensions. Be sure to buy from a high-quality brand like Zala hair extensions and you’ll be able to wear your longer locks confidently and comt grows out.

Final Thought

You can always go back to the salon where the mistakes happened, especially if it was a matter of miscommunication or the result of you hoping for a change. Perhaps, it was more dramatic than you had envisioned. The salon will try to fix the style at no cost in many cases. 

But what you need to realize is often this involves taking more hair off. If you intend to grow your hair back, that is the last thing you want to do.

Instead, it is wise to be patient, allowing the hair to begin its slow progression back to the length you are hoping for. You can do things to encourage healthier, strong hair with the potential for speedier growth, like vitamins and supplements for growth. 

These are not magic beans. There is no guarantee they will result in a faster process, only that the intention is to bring a healthier head of hair. And then the next time you want to try a drastic fresh look, test it out with a wig first to see if you can live with it in real-time.

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