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More Recipes and Food Ideas {Break the Sugar Habit Challenge}

Break the Sugar Habit Challenge Recipes
source: Paul Keller

Join us for the Break the Sugar Habit Challengein June!

Earlier this week I shared my thoughts about food as a moral issue, how food restrictions affect relationships and our on-the-go menu plan for this week. Today, I wanted to share some more recipes and resources with you to encourage you throughout this challenge!


Although we started with a pretty good list of recipes, I’m already feeling pretty bored with the list. I need some more variety and soon, or I just may give into my cravings for bread! I’ve included a bunch of recipes below, but please share your recipes, meal plans and ideas in the comments as well.

By the way…it seems like it’d be really easy to go sugar-free and gluten-free in one swoop since you eliminate most bread when you eliminate sweetener anyway. I’m definitely not avoiding grains on purpose, but there’s no doubt I’m eating a ton less than usual.




Sides & Pantry Staples

Additional Resources:

  • Break the Sugar Habit Guided Workbook | Well Grounded Life (FREE!)
  • I Quit Sugar and the I Quit Sugar Cookbook | Sarah Wilson
  • Smart Sweets | Kitchen Stewardship
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  • Treat Yourself | Modern Alternative Mama

Join the Break the Sugar Habit Challenge

break-the-sugar-challengeIt’s not too late to join us for the challenge! We’re eliminating all sugar from our diet completely this month, and we’d love to have you join us!

Do you have additional strategies or recipes to share? I’m all ears! I’d also love your help brainstorming meals & snacks for on-the-go, as we’ll be traveling a bit over the next two weeks!