Nature Apps for Summer Family Fun

The following post is from Michelle of Mommy Misadventures:

source: pfly
source: pfly

Summer is here, time to get out and about and enjoy the warm summer weather with the family! There’s a ton of great apps out there to help you enjoy the great outdoors and here are just a few of my favorites.

Geocaching (iOS & Android)

Price: $9.99

source: Groundspeak

If you’ve never been geocaching before, think of it like a GPS powered treasure hunt. Geocachers hide a small container called a “cache” in various places for other geocachers to find. Each container has a log book and low-value trinkets. You sign your name in the log book and off you go. Geocaching is fun for the entire family! (I know more than a few homeschoolers that love to geocache while on their weekly nature walks.)

These official geocaching apps from Groundspeak not only contain info and GPS coordinates for various caches but can help you find them and electronically log your finds!

Project Noah (iOS & Android)

Price: FREE

source: Project Noah

If you love going on nature walks, load up Project Noah! Created in 2010 as an experiment to blend mobile, location based technology with a love of nature and wildlife. It worked and Project Noah is now a fully funded project with the support from the National Geographic society. With Noah, you can take pictures of local flora and fauna, and share them with the community. You can join Missions to help document particular types of organisms and can even send in shots of things that you come across that you can’t identify. It’s a wonderful, community sourced tool for a real life learning.

iBird (iOS & Android)

Price: Varies (Free to $19.99)


Do your kids love looking at birds? My little one sure does and she loves to ask about what kinds of birds we’re looking at. The great thing is that this app has all the answers about birds when I don’t! Available for both iOS and Android devices, iBird allows you to identify birds and hear their songs. There are free versions of the app for amateur birders but as you get more advanced, premium versions of the app are also available.


Price: $11.99 – $18.99

Source:iTunes App Store

Is there anything better on a clear summer evening than looking up at the stargazing? I think not! A few weekends ago, my friend loaded up Star Map on her iPhone. I cannot even begin to tell you how enthralled my daughter was to know which constellations where what. It’s like a planetarium in your pocket!

One of the things I adore about this app are the star maps. We live in a suburban area with a lot of ambient light so it was hard to see some of the stars, even late at night. But StarMap helped us really identify what we’re looking at. While pricey app, it is well worth it for the functionality and information.

What are some of your favorite nature apps for enjoying the great outdoors?

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