I’m so sad to tell you that today I miscarried once again. I am experiencing too many emotions to put into words right now, but I did want to share this with you:

I told God earlier this week that I would praise Him regardless of what happened with this baby, and while I never imagined that I’d have three babies waiting for me in Heaven, I meant it when I said it. This song has never been more true for me than now. The last three weeks have been quite the storm, and but I can’t imagine going through it without Him as my strength…

“And though my heart is torn, I will praise You in the storm…”

“My strength is almost gone, how can I carry on?”

“And as Your mercy falls, I lift my hands and praise the God who gives and takes away.”

“You are who you are, no matter where I am.”

“And every tear I cry, You hold in Your hand.”

I pray that the God who comforts my heart will make Himself known to You as well this Christmas.

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