Below you’ll find images, banners, and the like to use during the Simplify Your Family Life Sale.

The sale officially launches at 8 a.m. ET on Monday, April 16th. It will be live for 96 hours and the purchase links will be set to inactive at 8 a.m. ET on Friday, April 20th.

If you’re familiar with embedding affiliate codes and images in your site, feel free to jump down to the images and pick the ones you’d like to use. If not, here’s some info that will help. And as always, if you need some help, feel free to ask.

Putting Links on Your Site

1. Log in to your affiliate account at E-junkie.
2. Under “Manage Your Affiliate Account”, select “Get Affiliate Code”.
3. From the dropdown menu, select “Simplify Your Family Life Sale” and then click on the “Get Affiliate Code” button.
4. Under “Get Product Specific Affiliate Links”, select Simplify Your Family Life Sale 2012. Click the “Get Affiliate Code” button.
5. Highlight and copy the HTML code within the yellow box. This HTML code should be pasted into the HTML editor of your blog editor (such as WordPress) or in your sidebar widget or wherever you plan to use it. You can edit the text within the link, which by default says “Click here to view more details” … you can change it to “Simplify Your Family Life Sale” or whatever you’d like it to say.

How to Put a Banner Ad in Your Sidebar

If you want to put an ad with a banner image in your sidebar (or anywhere on your site, really), it’s not hard. First, download one of the images below and upload it to your blog’s server. Then place the image in your sidebar template or sidebar widget with your affiliate link code, like so:

<a href=”[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]” title=”Simplify Your Family Life Sale”><img border=”0″  src=”[YOUR IMAGE URL]” alt=”[ALT TEXT]”/></a>

Of course, you’ll want to put your affiliate link and image URL in the appropriate spots, and change the “title” and “alt” tags to the whatever alternate title you choose.

That’s it!

Images and Banners





All affiliate payments for this sale will be paid during the first week of May.

All affiliate payments are made via Paypal, so you’ll need to be sure your Paypal address is set up in E-Junkie.

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