On Living a Good Life in Spite of Worry & Fear

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On Living a Good Life in Spite of Worry & Fear at lifeyourway.net

With today’s global community — made possible by the internet, 24/7 news channels and social media sites — it seems like we’re more aware than ever about the inherent danger of simply living here on planet earth.

Whether by mad men or freak accidents, poor decisions or natural disasters, people are hurt or killed every day. And as a mother, there are days that that terrifies me.

How can I protect these precious girls I’ve been given against all of the unknowns? Do I keep them wrapped in bubble wrap and isolated at home to prevent tragedy? And which is more important, anyway — protecting them or teaching them to really live?

Those are questions I wrestle with often, but at the end of the day I’m a proponent of free range parenting in general — of letting my kids explore and be kids, of teaching them to interact with the world rather than be afraid of it, and of letting them discover their own limits — even though, yes, those things carry risks.

But that doesn’t mean those decisions always come easily!

(In fact, as I’m writing this post, our two middle daughters are playing tag with big, long sticks in their hands, and because I do have my limits, I asked them to please either walk or put the sticks down before they run!)

On Living a Good Life in Spite of Worry & Fear at lifeyourway.net

Life involves risk and chance and going outside of your comfort zone, and a life lived in fear isn’t really much of a life at all. Instead, it’s the moments when we take risks and try something new — when our girls conquer the monkey bars or climb high in a tree or learn to swim in the deep end of the pool — that make us feel most alive.

And while the risk is always there, always in the back of our minds, always being weighed against the rewards, it’s those moments we anticipate and celebrate, that we hope will provide the foundation for a life of healthy risk-taking, of pushing the boundaries and striving to do more!

On Living a Good Life in Spite of Worry & Fear at lifeyourway.net

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How do you balance the fear of something bad happening with truly living?