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One simple rule for simplifying your kitchen

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On Sunday we spent the day out and about—a quick errand before church followed by a family birthday party, grocery shopping, and a stop at our favorite ice cream shop on the way home.

As soon as we got home, I ushered the boys upstairs for a quick bath while the girls got all of the groceries put away. When both boys freaked out mid-bath, the biggest girls rushed upstairs to help me quickly diaper, lotion, and dress them. And then we declared it a name-your-own dinner night and everyone prepared their own dinner before heading to bed.

Our day wasn’t perfect, but it was a good reminder of how different life is with older kids. Of course, we’re also dealing with hormones and drama, and I wouldn’t exactly call it easier (there are still moments I would happily trade them all in for the two-year-old versions of themselves!), but this—the physical work of taking care of a family—is definitely easier since Sean and I no longer have to do it all by ourselves.

These days I share the work of prepping meals with my two oldest, who each prepare breakfast and dinner one night a week. With make-your-own meals scattered in between, I really only cook 2-3 dinners and 2-3 breakfasts each week, which is a huge relief for someone who doesn’t enjoy her time in the kitchen all that much.

For new parents who don’t have the helpers I do, there is hope around the corner. Before you know it your kids will be cooking dinner, washing the dishes, and playing happily on their own without making a giant mess.

In the meantime, you can simplify your kitchen with one simple rule:

Never buy single-use tools for your kitchen.

These days there are kitchen gadgets for everything from making quesadillas to cutting a pineapple.

I know all too well how easy it is to fill up your drawers and cabinets with these gadgets, but after years of decluttering all of the things I acquired in my early 20s, we now save our kitchen space for tools that can do more than one thing. Preferably lots and lots of things.

That includes basics like knives and wooden spoons, of course, but it also includes a few handy gadgets. The latest is one I am so excited to add to our arsenal, not only for my own benefit but for my girls as well: the Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender.

I’m not sure I’ve even discovered all of the things it can do yet, but so far we’ve whisked eggs and fresh whipped cream (goodbye hand mixer!), blended smoothies and pasta sauce (goodbye old immersion blender and baby food grinder!), shredded sweet potato (goodbye food processor!), and mashed potatoes. There are also blades for slicing, shredding, grinding, chopping and julienne-ing.

The motor attaches to the various accessories easily and securely, and with amazing “smart speed” technology, it adjusts the speed based on how hard you squeeze the button.

As I shared last week, Braun is bringing its small appliance line back to the U.S. and Canada.

The Multiquick 7 Hand Blender is just one of their new tools, all of which have been beautifully designed for both form and function to look as great as they work!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Braun. The opinions and text are all mine.