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Organize Your Purse: Products to Help You Stay Organized

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Can I tell you a secret?

I actually don’t carry a purse. Ever.

We keep a diaper bag in the car, and I throw my wallet in there, but that’s it. I usually put whatever cash or cards I need in my back pocket, my keys in my front pocket with my cell phone and off we go.

Glamorous, I know!

In preparation for this series, I’ve been asking people who do carry purses what their biggest obstacle to keeping it organized is and what has helped them overcome it.

Here are a few nifty products they shared with me that I think you all will love as well:

Portable Purse Organizer

My mom first told me about this purse organizer from The Container Store, which adds pockets to the inside of any purse. (The original organizer is no longer available, but here’s another option.)


  • By adding six pockets to your purse, you instantly have designated places to put your cell phone, pens, small cosmetics, sunglasses, etc. without just dumping them in.
  • You can remove the organizer – with all of your stuff still in the pockets – and move it to a new purse quickly and easily.
  • Being able to remove the pockets makes it easier to clean the inside of your purse to get rid of crumbs and unwanted trash.


  • The pockets don’t organize your stuff for you. You still have to put things in their places.
  • The purse organizer won’t work very well inside a hobo-type bag. It’s made for a purse with more form.
  • If you’re a purse connoisseur and often change your purses, the price tag is probably a great deal. Otherwise, it may be a little steep.

The Butler Bag

Have you seen these amazing purses? They’re beautiful on the outside (with a price tag to boot), with a compartmentalized design that keeps everything organized inside.


  • The compartments on the inside mean that everything in your purse has a place. No more just tossing everything in and sorting through it later.
  • The Butler Bag combines form and function…without sacrificing either.


  • The original version is expensive, and I’ve read some reviews that say the Kmart version feels like a cheap vinyl purse. (I haven’t touched either, so I can’t say one way or the other!)
  • If you have something that is the wrong size or shape for any of the interior pockets, it just simply won’t fit.
  • Unlike the purse organizer above, the compartments are built into the purse and therefore can’t be easily transferred between purses.

Cosmetic/Accessory Bags

Another alternative is to simply use a cosmetic bag, or a set of matching bags, to organize the contents of your purse.

  • cosmetic-bag-setPros:
    These are a good alternative for a hobo-style bag because you can still categorize and contain the contents of your purse by using a few different little bags or cases just tossed inside.
  • You can find sets of cosmetic bags at any store and often with a low price tag.
  • The cosmetic bags can be quickly transferred to a new purse and/or repurposed somewhere else when you’re done using them.
  • You can buy funky designs to add some color to a plain purse or plain bags to coordinate with a variety of colors.


  • Your ability to organize everything in your purse is still somewhat limited if you’re just using cosmetic bags. Chances are you’re not going to want to have 13 of these in your purse or want to unzip one every time you want to put your keys or glasses away.
  • It would be easy to go overboard and try to stuff everything into these little bags, but it’ll feel more organized if you don’t overfill them so that you can still find what you’re looking for quickly.

Do you have a purse or accessory that helps you stay organized? What is your biggest struggle when it comes to keeping your purse neat and organized?

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