Organizing versus simplifying

"ORGANIZING is very different than SIMPLIFYING.  ORGANIZING is a temporary fix while SIMPLIFYING is a completely different way of doing life."

Andrea Dekker is our expert contributor for this month’s Live course module: Simplify.

When I read these words in one of her posts, I immediately copied them down because they are so true and illuminating:

“ORGANIZING is very different than SIMPLIFYING.
ORGANIZING is a temporary fix while SIMPLIFYING is a completely different way of doing life.
Organizing is MOVING things around.
Simplifying is REMOVING anything we don’t need, use, want or love.”

Where have you been organizing and reorganizing when what you probably need to do is a little bit of simplifying first?

P.S. Want to learn how your priorities and values affect your decisions to simplify? Join us for that and more in this month’s module!

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  1. I 100 percent understand the need for bloggers to make a living, and in fact I am amazed at the resourcefulness of so many people as they find ways to monetize their blogs. However, I do not like the “premium content” model (aka-e course) especially when the “e-course” theme/content echoes that of the blog. Oh, and especially when it’s another product being sold to monetize simple living- ironic isn’t it. Too often I’ve seen the blog content become sub-par as a way to push the premium content (or perhaps as the bloggers are too busy putting out premium content to give the original blog the same attention). Now, I realize that as a reader I enjoy blog content free of charge, and i really do appreciate that and honestly do not feel “entitled” to any content now or in the future. However, if this blog continually becomes a place to promote the premium content that I don’t have access to, then I’m out. I’ll simply have no choice but to unsubscribe, as I do catalogs and anything else that promotes this “buy buy buy, spend your money here” culture, as to me that’s the antithesis of simple living.

    I hope this comment can be taken in the spirit it’s intended, which is not rudeness, judgment, or meanness- i just simply felt that while I will give it a little longer, as a loyal reader I should let you know my feelings on this (I doubt I’m alone) before I get to the point of unsubscribing altogether. As a small business owner myself, I prefer to have customer feedback before they are at the point of walking away. Good luck with the blog, the e-course and all your endeavors.

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for your comment. This is definitely something I will think about, although I don’t really feel like there’s any way for me to respond right now without coming across as argumentative or defensive.

  3. My first reaction to this is that in almost any book or program about “organizing”, simplifying or decluttering is the first step (or maybe 2nd after figuring out how you want to use the space). I also see organizing as part of the simplifying process, so to me it’s just semantics and they are all really part of the sand thing.

    In response to Kate, I have to say that I have had this reaction at times. However some blogs have continued to give high quality content and I have even purchased some premium content and I’ve been very happy with what I purchased. However, I have also unsubscribed from other blogs whose “blog posts” did seem to be primarily advertisements for their products.

  4. It’s true… organized crap is still crap.

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