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Organizing Your Way to a Simple Christmas

source: scottfeldstein
source: scottfeldstein

There are 8 weeks until Christmas!

Whether that thought sends you into a panic attack or gets you excited, I hope you’ll join me as we spend the next two weeks talking about organizing and simplifying Christmas. Getting organized is half the battle when it comes to enjoying the holiday season, and simplifying is the other half!

Each day, I’ll have printables and other resources to help you take another step toward organizing and simplifying so that at the end of these two weeks (which will put us at exactly two months until Christmas!), you’ll feel better prepared to jump into the holiday season and truly enjoy it.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

I love everything about Christmas, and although I’ll admit that I’m a little bit worried about what this Christmas season is going to look like with a high-maintenance newborn and a week-long vacation smack in the middle of it, I’m excited to start planning and getting things written down on paper so that I don’t miss a minute of it. I hope you’ll join me!

Have you already started organizing your Christmas plans?