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Our First Family Vacation to Barbados

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It’s been what seemed like such a short trip for our family and we have finally returned back to our home in Fresno, California. I know that some of you have been desperately waiting for me to share the story with you about how our vacation went in Barbados. Well, to start off it was wonderful. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited in my life. The kids enjoyed their time there as well as my husband and I. There were so many things to do and so many things to see.

Whitegates Resort

So to start, we stayed in a nice, comfy family resort called the Whitegates Resort. This resort had some of the most beautiful views and surrounding scenery. It was quite a luxurious stay and included four bedrooms, but we only used three of the bedrooms since my toddler slept with my husband and me for the majority of the nights. We were lucky enough to find a great villa that was perfect for families.. Another wonderful perk about this resort was that there was a nice crystal clear pool out on the lawn; private and for our use only. I wouldn’t say this resort was the cheapest option but we saved up for some months to be able stay at this particular resort and it was well worth it.  The kids really enjoyed being able to swim in our very own pool reserved for us for the seven days that we were at the resort.

Since we arrived in Barbados in the late evening we went to the beach and afterwards we decided to find a local restaurant to have dinner. We decided on a restaurant called Cariba. We heard from a friend who had vacationed here last year that this restaurant had wonderful food and was a great family atmosphere to bring the kids out to eat. We had to really be careful of which restaurants we chose while on our trip because my youngest child was certain to embarrass us with loud tantrum outbursts in a fine dining restaurant. Cariba seemed like the way to go and my friend was right! The service was great and the food was great as well. Did I mention how good the steak was? The steak is definitely a must try for anyone planning to visit the restaurant. The bread pudding was also amazing; the kids also enjoyed eating it.

The next morning we knew that we had an eventful day ahead of us so we woke up early, took showers, and got dressed. I got my youngest toddler dressed who was just not having it. She was completely cranky about the fact that I had to wake her up so that we could get going with our day. As you all know, when it comes to having a toddler, the world revolves around them and not us anymore. So knowing that we had a big day ahead of us it was time to get some breakfast. We decided on going to the Happy Days Café. We ordered omelets and French toast. The kids had orange juice and milk with their food and my husband and I enjoyed a cup of the best tasting coffee I’d ever had. I personally usually only have one cup of any type of coffee, but the coffee at this restaurant was so good I almost couldn’t get enough of it.

Natural Wonders of Barbados Tour

After our nice little breakfast at the café it was time for one of our first adventures that I knew the kids would enjoy. We went on the Natural Wonders of Barbados Tour. This tour was simply amazing and the kids were wowed by pretty much everything that we saw. It was a very educational tour. We got to take a tour through Harrison’s cave and we all learned about stalactites and stalagtites which are the pointed ridges in caves. The cave also had beautiful waterfalls inside and outside. I took so many pictures of this wonderful piece of nature. We also got to see the famous Green Monkeys that inhabit the area. One of them was very curious about us and followed us a little ways throughout the tour.

Glass Bottom Boat Ship Wreck

underwater beauty

Another one of our favorite places that we visited on the third day that we were in Barbados was the Glass Bottom Boat Ship Wreck tour. It was very interesting for the kids, and my husband and I to be able to observe the beautiful sea creatures through the bottom of a boat that was made of glass. It’s simply not something that you get the opportunity to do every day. I would just say that it was a truly unique experience. There was even the option to go snorkeling to get up close and personal with the fish. We didn’t partake in that though since we had the little ones with us. The tour takes up almost an entire day so we had only this planned and afterwards we went back to the resort to enjoy a nice relaxing evening inside.

Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach

One of the last places we visited before our flight back home to California was Bathsheba Beach. It was such a nice place with clear blue skies and white, foaming, rolling waves. We were able to walk along the rocky beach just exploring the surrounding area. The kids loved picking up rocks and collecting them to take them back home with us as souvenirs. We took fishing gear with use as well since my husband wanted to give a shot at seeing what he could catch while we were out there. I enjoyed observing some of the homes that were nearby located right next to the shore. A few people were actually out there in the water surfing and we all could tell that this is something the people enjoyed doing regularly because of how well they tackled the largest waves that came crashing in.

Overall, visiting Barbados was a wonderful experience; expensive yet wonderful in every possible way and I would most definitely take my family on vacation there again.