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source: theletteredcottage

Personalize Your Bedroom With A Unique Headboard

The following post is from Myra of My Blessed Life:

Bedrooms are fabulous spaces to express your personality and style.  From perfectly matched bedroom suites to mixed and matched furniture pieces, no two bedrooms are exactly the same. The one element that spans varying styles and personal preferences is the bed and more specifically the headboard – which is the star and focal point of every bedroom.

Headboards can be made out of almost any material and are quite inexpensive {in comparison to a complete bed – headboard, footboard, frame} when paired with a high-quality bed frame.  To achieve the highest visual impact in a bedroom, try placing the bed so the headboard is easily seen from the doorway.

Here are some incredibly creative headboards that are sure to inspire you to personalize your bedroom space!

source: woman's day
source: woman’s day

I love this DIY Hip Headboard!  Aren’t the circles just fabulous?! They are adhesive packing stickers.  Anyone can make this headboard!

source: too much time
source: too much time

Don’t overlook simple items like shipping pallets. They can add a wonderful architectural element to your space like this beautifully creative pallet headboard!

source: theletteredcottage
source: theletteredcottage

Shutters make a stunning headboard.  They are easy to find, inexpensive and they age beautifully.  The Lettered Cottage hit the ball out of the park on this shutter headboard design!

source: frisson-design

Upholstered headboards are simply elegant and as versatile as you can possibly imagine!  From various shapes and fabrics to button or nail head embellishments, the options are endless to create a headboard that reflects your personality.

These are just a few headboard ideas to inspire you. For more ideas, check out my Headboard Beauty Pinterest board!

What headboard style is your favorite, and why?

Myra has a B.A. in Interior Design and is currently self-employed. When she’s not spending time with her little man, thrifting, creating, shopping or working on a project, Myra enjoys date nights with her husband and blogging at My Blessed Life and The Casabella Project.