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Productivity Toolkit 101: Five Free Tools to Get Productive Right NOW!

The following post is from Prerna of The Mom Writes:

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Is being more efficient, organized and productive on your goal-list for 2012? Awesome! Don’t want to spend dollars to get your time back? Even better!

Here are 5 seriously effective but totally free tools to help you use your time in an intentional and purposeful way and not be overwhelmed with the busyness of life.

1. No-Do Lists

Last year, we’d talked about no-do lists. Did you make one? Have you used it? If not, revisit it, make it again if needed and put it up in a place where you can see it. Your no-do list costs nothing and will help you FREE up your time instantly.

 2. Time Trackers

Want to know how you’re actually spending your time? Use time trackers. They are plenty of free tracking solutions available that can help you “see” where time goes and adjust accordingly. While you don’t have to get all obsessive about tracking seconds and minutes, it always helps to know whether you’re using your time productively or not.

 3. Smartphone Applications

I love my Android. Not because it looks sleek and smart (that’s nice, too!), but because it helps me to do SO much more without getting overwhelmed and exhausted. I use the Google calendar to plan my day, the Kindle application to read on the go, the Allrecipes apps for looking up dinnertime ideas, my Dropbox apps to access important documents while I’m waiting for my toddler at her playschool. Here are some more favorite Droid apps that help me reclaim my time and still achieve my goals. Bottomline: If you have a smartphone, use it smartly and your time will always be yours.

 4. Free Time Management and Productivity eBooks

Learning from others is a fantastic way to be more organized and productive. And because the Internet is filled with generous souls, there are plenty of tried and tested time management and productivity eBooks available for FREE! Download a few, make notes, use the tips and watch your year be the most productive ever.

 5. Visual Reminders

They say, “seeing is believing”. I believe seeing is doing. When you see a reminder, you tend to act on it. So, whatever be your productivity goal, write it up and put it up where you’d need it the most. For instance, mine is on my laptop and it says, “Stop FB’ing and Start Working”.


Do you have a productivity toolkit that helps to get things done and frees up your time? What’s in it?

Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in being postively productive, parenting with love and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Find her sharing her journey and experiences with productivity and parenting at The Mom Writes.