Question of the Day: Do You Use Color Coding to Help You Organize?

source: Jean Ruaud
source: Jean Ruaud

One of the tips that was emphasized during both Office Max webcasts I attended (about organizing your home office and helping kids organize for back-to-school) is to color code your calendar, files, etc. so that each family member has their own color and everything can be easily filed or found by its color.

My girls aren’t yet old enough that we really have separate schedules or files to maintain for each of them, so we don’t really use color coding in this way, but I’ve shared my main filing system before, and I do use color coding there.

But what I really want to know is this:

Do you use color coding in your home to help you organize? If so, how?

Do you have any unusual ways you use color to simplify your life?

What’s an area that you think you could organize more easily if you started using color?

Have you ever abandoned a color-coding system because it wasn’t actually simplifying your life?

Can’t wait to hear your experiences!