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Question of the Day: How Crunchy Are You?

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One of my favorite green lifestyle blogs is Sorta Crunchy, where Megan shares her perspectives, insights and the things she’s learning, all in a very non-judgemental way that is rare on green blogs. But I think maybe Megan should rename her blog to “Mostly Crunchy” with her co-sleeping, no-poo washing, non-Ezzo following, Nestle boycotting ways!

On the other hand, if I were to take over Megan’s blog, I’d need to rename it to “Wannabe Crunchy” or “Not Too Crunchy” or “Sorta Soggy”!

First, let’s define crunchy. I think the description was first used for granola-eating hippies in the ’60s, and today it really refers to people who are looking for a more natural lifestyle, even when that goes against societal norms.

Things that make someone crunchy include:

  • cloth diapering
  • avoiding vaccines
  • eating a whole foods diets
  • choosing natural health & beauty products
  • using the “no poo” method instead of shampoo
  • making food from scratch
  • eating organically

(By the way, I think all of these are good things. I’m just not very good at all of them!)

So today I want to know…

How crunchy are you?

What things would you add to the list above?

Which of the “crunchy” things do you do?

Where do you tend to go with the conventional rather than crunchy option?

What changes have you made in the last year to be more crunchy?

Can’t wait to read your answers!